Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Vintage Christmas Blow Molds

I started collecting VIntage Christmas items about ten years ago.  Although I love all the vintage kitschy things, I never had a feel for the old blow molds.  I did pick them up inexpensively at yard sales to re-sell, but I never thought I would keep them.  Then, one day I saw them amassed in my garage and fell in love.  More is better, right?
This display on my front porch was one of my favorite things last Christmas.  They look cute during the day.

And even better at night!  I thought it might be a fire hazard to plug them all in using their original plugs.  So, I just wound white Christmas lights around the botoms to shine up on them. 

This big Santa face hung on The Breadman's front porch.  ("Aw, how sweet" you might be thinking.  But, it hung on her porch every day for the 13 years I knew her - year 'round.  Yikes!)  Despite that, when we cleaned out her house, I brought it home, not ever thinking it would grace my front porch one day (but only at Christmas, I swear!).

Do you have any blowmolds? 


  1. I don't have any blowmolds but if you go to my blog you can see a cute vintage elf I picked up. I love vintage Christmas too!

  2. Love the blowmolds! I was just going to put a couple little vintage ones in my windowbox, but now I'm wondering if I should just keep them inside....

  3. Love your collection of blowmolds. I have one I found last year after seeing your post!! I will photograph and show you! hugs, Linda

  4. LOVE your Santa collection! They look fabulous all together like that.

  5. Love the santa's I would love to do a post I have a very nice collection of vintage santas.
    I have a lot of vintage christmas in general but my santas are my most valuable.

  6. This reminds me that I have some snowman blow molds I meant to sell - where did I put them? I am filled with admiration for anyone who starts a second blog and hope I linked up right.

  7. Hello, my name is Maria and I love your blog; our blog, EverythingCroton, deals with issues in Croton but...almost everyday we have a posting for the vintage holiday (and that means Christmas!) fanatics and collectors.

    We are particularly fond of the little putz i.e. cardboard houses made in Japan. Here are some links you will thoroughly enjoy. - contains the entire history of putz houses/Christmas villages - contains old Sears, Spiegel, etc. catalog downloads to help you date your Christmas items.
    Here's afew links from EverythingCroton that pay homage to vintage Christmas as well:
    I'll post more soon.


  9. And you guys will love this site too


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