Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Leftovers (Not Turkey)

Last year, I found myself with a shoebox full of odd items that I had picked up throughout the year - a few figural bulbs, part of an old corsage, light reflectors, a few indented ornaments, some smaller mercury glass ornaments  - just bits and bobs, odds and ends. 
I decided to just throw them all into a big bowl and use them as the centerpiece on the coffee table.   It was fun to look at - even though it did make for fun entertainment for a few certain cats in my house. 
Every once in awhile, I would literally stir up the bowl to rearrange it and see what "popped" up to the surface.  I would always see something new in the bowl. 
I usually made sure the bluebird was on top, though.  He's pretty special.

This year I have an even larger collection of odds and ends.  I'm thinking of filling up a huge cloche and making sort of an eye spy out of it. 

What do you do with your odds and ends and bits and bobs?


  1. Shara, Love your Christmas blog!!! I can't ever get enough vintage Christmas things. My husband loves to comment on the amount of "treasures" I have around but secretly he likes them. My favorite "collection" is my ceramic light up Christmas trees. I started out with one that my aunt gave to me decades ago. Now I have a small forest glowing away all around the house. Thanks for the memories!

  2. I've never had enough leftovers to do anything with, but I think they could look really fun all glued on a wreath!

  3. Love this idea! Just want to rummage through the bowl:) Fun new blog!

  4. I've seen people make wreaths with their bits and bobs, which is a really great idea. I like yours though, because not only is it pretty to look at, but you get to play with it too!

  5. my extras currently reside in a large basket in the cornerr of the living room. Back home, I had them all in large jars on a shelf in the living room so that the kids could had a good dig whenever they wanted to.

  6. So neat! I love those figural bulbs (not lucky enough to find any!) but I wouldn't know what to do with them either. :) I have some extras that I keep in boxes in the craft room with the intent to work them into projects but so far . . . nada.

    Oh I did find two sweet on vintage Christmas corsages that I forgot I thrifted last year. I'm giving one to my Mom this year and keeping one. Next year I really think we should do a Christmas corsage swap at SGS. Or maybe even one for Valentines Day? Thoughts?


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